Unlike Any Science Class You’ve Ever Attended

The Strength & Scotch podcast breaks down the science behind complex health and fitness topics into easy to understand language in a fun and non-dogmatic format; providing concrete takeaways you can apply right away in your life.

If you ever get confused by all the noise and B.S. filling your social media feed and want an unbiased take, this is the podcast for you.

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The Hosts

Strength & Scotch is hosted by Evidence Based Athlete co-founder and former NASA engineer Brandon Heavey and his long time friend and Scotch connoisseur Grant Fowlie. Brandon brings his 10+ years of experience in fitness and voracious appetite for fitness-related scientific research. Grant brings his deep curiosity and relatability, asking probing questions and translating “Heavey-speak” into easy to understand and relatable language.

Here’s How Our Listeners Describe the Show

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