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It’s true that getting fitter does require hard work, but more is not always better. There are SMART WAYS and there are WASTEFUL WAYS to direct your efforts.

I’m Brandon, co-founder of Evidence Based Athlete, and I’m a tinsy bit obsessed with finding the most effective methods. This isn’t about hacks and shortcuts – those don’t stand the test of time. I spend most of my time reading scientific papers, coaching people based on what I learn and distilling it down into best practices.

And honestly, I’m embarrassed by all the terrible health and fitness information out there. So, I created a simple to understand, weekly email, highlighting some of my best tips. It’s my way of giving back and combating toxic egos, dogmatic approaches and misinformation.

The topic of these emails range from building muscle to losing fat, from moving faster to lifting heavier and from building habits to amplifying motivation. The emphasis is on BOTH being science based AND not requiring you to turn your life upside down and live like a monk to put it into practice.

If that sounds like something you want more of in your life, I invite you to subscribe by entering your name and email address below and you’ll start getting these free emails right away. And hey… if you end up not liking them, you can unsubscribe at any time.

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What Subscribers Say About Evidence Based Insider

I appreciate the information you share and that it’s EVIDENCE BASED! You also do a fantastic job at breaking it down so it’s a little easier to understand so readers can figure out how to apply it to their own lives. Thanks for all you do from a loyal reader.

-Emily R.

I love your newsletters.. and podcast! Thanks for doing all the research and brining it to people in a consumable format. I love health and fitness.. I’m not sure which I like best. One without the other doesn’t work for me. Keep on doing your thing and I look forward to future publications.

-Melinda C.

I definitely like your analysis of specific movements. It helps understand whether a specific movement is a better option in support of my goals, or if I would be better prioritizing another movement.

-Jim D.

I really appreciate your emails, they’re so clear & easy to implement for serious outcomes in the long haul. Thank you.

-Kris H.

Good stuff – good graphics, high-quality content, good information backed up by studies. Keep it up.

– Michael J.

I enjoy reading your emails that you send and I am sure others do! They are quite helpful and boost my knowledge on healthy habits. Keep up the good work!

-Henry H.