Working Hard, But Hardly Making Progress?

Does the way you look, feel or perform match the way you feel it should based on the effort you’re putting in at the gym or in the kitchen?

Have you gone paleo, zone, keto then intermittent fasted and even threw in a Russian squat program or two, but still aren’t progressing like you feel you should?

Tired of seeing others doing seemingly the same things and getting much better results?

Gambling With Your Fitness

Jumping from diet to diet and exercise regimen to exercise regimen is a lot like gambling, over the short term it can be fun and you might actually get lucky every once in a while, but over the long haul, you’re always worse off.

Do you really want to leave your fat loss, strength gains and performance up to chance?

What if there was a way to stack the deck in your favor?  You know, be one of those guys or gals that hides in the corner of the casino, wearing sunglasses, counting cards and winning consistently.  What would that look like with your fitness?

Well, instead of trying a diet because your friend’s cousin did it or because it came up in your facebook feed, you’d eat in a way that supports your goals, accounts for how busy you are, what your exercise program looks like and any unique digestive issues you may have.

And for exercise, instead of trying a bunch of different blog training programs or squat cycles hoping for the best, you’d train on a periodized program, intelligently designed around your specific strengths, weaknesses, imbalances, objectives and injury history.

With this approach, dieting no longer feels like deprivation, it just becomes “the way you eat,” and training becomes fun again because you’re back to making serious progress. 

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

Evidence Based Athlete Is Here To Help You

If stacking the (fitness) deck in your favor is intriguing, you’re in the right place – that’s our specialty at Evidence Based Athlete.  To help you get stronger, move faster and look better naked, we focus on three core components: personalization, science and data.  Let me give you a quick taste of how it all works together:


Think about a friend or family member that is different than you in as many ways as possible.  Have this person in your mind?  Ok, let’s say you both want to improve your fitness, does it make sense that the two of you should do the exact same exercise program or diet?  Maybe they need to lose fat and you want to get stronger.  Maybe they travel a lot for work and you don’t.  Maybe you enjoy cooking and they’re a drive-thru ninja. 

In order to succeed you will both need different approaches.  They will fail with the approach that is best for you and vice versa.  So, we take the time to learn all about you, then we design a program that sets you up for success and work with you on an ongoing basis to adapt it as life throws you curve balls.  Why make it harder on yourself than it needs to be?


The amount of misinformation, confusion and gimmicks in the fitness and nutrition industry is staggering.  In the same day you may see articles telling you that bacon will both make you live forever AND give you cancer.  Which is it?!?! 

Sorting through all of this information, understanding what scientific studies actually say, figuring out what works and what doesn’t – it’s a full time job.  And, that’s exactly what we do here.  We dedicate ourselves to the understanding of scientific principles and more importantly, how they relate to getting you results.  Don’t worry if this sounds boring though, we do the research and you reap the rewards!


How do you know if what you’re doing is actually working?  How do you know when it’s time to make some adjustments to your diet or training program?  How do you assess your strengths, weaknesses and imbalances?  Data. 

This may sound fancy, boring or intimidating but it’s really just a series of metrics we’ve developed over time to monitor your daily training and food logs, your progress and areas that we need to pay more attention to in order to amplify your results.  Without data you’re just gambling.  We don’t gamble.

Who Is Evidence Based Athlete?

Hey there.  I’m Brandon, co-founder of Evidence Based Athlete.  Back in the early 2000s I was struggling with all these same things.  I was working out hard, but my progress stalled.  I wasn’t getting stronger.  I wasn’t getting leaner.  I wasn’t getting faster.  But, I was doing the things I was “supposed” to do.  The things I read about online that worked for other people.  I tried everything!  This was a very frustrating time for me, but I didn’t give up.

You see, at the time I was an engineer at NASA, so I just did what I’d trained most of my life up until that point to do – read the research, devised experiments to subject myself to, measured the results, rinsed and repeated.  Soon, I was back on track making progress in the gym and all was right in my world again.  That wasn’t the end of it though. 

EBA Founders Brandon & Nicole

Soon, friends, family and co-workers started reaching out, asking questions, wanting to know how they could implement the same techniques and get similar results.  One thing lead to another and I combined forces with my wife Nicole to start Evidence Based Athlete where we work remotely with people just like you to get the results you’ve been struggling to achieve.

Fast forward, now we’ve spent 20+ years in the healthcare, scientific research and strength and conditioning worlds (you can learn more about us and our certifications HERE.) Over that time we built and sold a successful CrossFit gym, trained NFL & CrossFit Games athletes, studied and toiled in pharmacology and biochemistry and even worked on a Mars rover or two.

Our Clients Get Results

We are very proud of what our clients have accomplished and whenever possible, we highlight them on our Client Successes page.  Here are a few examples:

Meet Mary

“It’s true, I’m addicted! I think I might be able to stick to this healthy eating thing! After 2-1/2 months I’ve lost 16lbs, more importantly 4% body fat! Excited to see what happens after a few more months!”


Read Mary’s Story

Meet Erwin

“After my surgery, the goal was really to get back into training and focus on my health and longevity. Over the last year though I’ve seen a huge improvement in my shoulder stability and overall core strength.”


Read More About Erwin’s Journey

Stack Your Deck

Moving from a generic exercise program or diet to a personalized approach is like switching from swimming up stream to swimming with the current – suddenly everything gets a whole lot easier.  To learn more about personalizing your approach to fitness and nutrition click the button below.