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What is Evidence Based Athlete?

Welcome to Evidence Based Athlete: Where Science Meets the Whiteboard.

Working Hard, but Not Making Progress?

Are you not getting what you want out of your current training program and diet?

Have you gone paleo, zone, keto then intermittent fasted and even threw in a Russian squat program or two, but still aren’t progressing like you feel you should?

Tired of seeing others doing seemingly the same things and getting much better results?

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EBA Coaches Brandon & Nicole head-to-head in the Open

Evidence Based Athlete is Here to Help!

We employ the tenets of functional medicine and the latest in scientific research to improve body composition and athletic potential.
You see, your ability to recover from training and your metabolism are both driven by one thing that most don’t consider: YOUR HORMONES.

Hormones are chemical messengers your body uses to trigger things like the breakdown of fat, the repair of muscle tissue and a whole host of other key functions in the body. When they get out of whack so does the body and it does things like preferentially store fat in your belly, trashes your energy levels, impairs your ability to sleep, inhibits muscle growth, and the list goes on and on.

This is one reason why we see two people do almost the exact same exercise program and / or diet and get drastically different results – they have different hormone profiles. And we have spent years studying and working with clients to restore hormone balance so they can stop spinning their wheels and get the most out of their diet and exercise program.

So, How do we do it?

Brandon leading an EBA nutrition seminar

We’ve spent 20+ years in the healthcare, scientific research and strength and conditioning worlds…and we’re huge training nerds.  (You can learn more about us HERE.) We’ve owned a CrossFit gym, trained NFL & CrossFit Games athletes, studied and toiled in pharmacology and biochemistry and even worked on a Mars rover or two.


Our Secret Sauce:

  • Athlete Specific Labwork
  • Recovery Protocols
  • Restoration of natural hormone balance


Client Stories

Meet Pam….

Pam Eamranond big
Pam Eamranond came to us as a busy gym owner & competitive CrossFitter – training hard and eating clean. In spite of her diligence, she packed on about 15 pounds of “puffy” fat over the previous year, her energy had dropped, and she wasn’t feeling her usual, healthy self.  Turns out Pam had major hormone imbalances: Cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, melatonin, you name it, it was low.
Following our recommendations, Pam lost 7 pounds in 6 weeks. She also started sleeping better and performing better in the gym – all with no major changes to her diet or exercise.

“With Brandon’s recommendations, my hormone levels are improving. My recovery from training has improved. My menstrual cycle is becoming more regulated. I feel an increase in energy levels, and can perform better during training.”

– Pam Eamranond (competitive CrossFitter and owner of CrossFit 626)

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