Not Getting What Your Want From Your Training & Nutrition

Have you gone paleo, zone, keto then intermittent fasted and even threw in a Russian squat program or two, but still aren't progressing like you fell you should? Fat loss, muscle gain or performance stalled out? Tired of seeing others doing seemingly the same things and getting much better results? We can Help.

Client Successes

Meet Ty

“My training has hit whole new levels since I started an individualized program.
I keep hitting new numbers as if I was just starting out and still see lots more to come.”

– Ty Gilstrap CrossFit Athlete and Gym Owner

Meet Brenna

“I tend to be all over the place trying this and that [with my training]. I knew I had specific areas that I needed to work on, but didn’t know how to go about it. I had tried doing 2 a day workouts, a squat program, and different online workouts. However, I had specific goals and always felt I was missing out and basically lost. I wanted to have a “plan” and follow thru with it…I am so excited about my improvements I want everyone to experience it. I would recommend to anyone who wants to see results on fitness or nutrition.”

– Brenna, CrossFit Masters Athlete

Meet Pam

“With Brandon’s recommendations, my hormone levels are improving. My recovery from training has improved. My menstrual cycle is becoming more regulated. I feel an increase in energy levels, and can perform better during training.”

-Pam, CrossFit Athlete and Gym Owner
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